5 Tips to Raising a Healthy Eater

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We’ve all had experiences where our toddler/child is having an epic meltdown because he/she wanted something sweet. Or perhaps you’ve started to notice that your child never has a green item on his/her plate. And when you even mention a vegetable by name, your child audibly pretends to vomit. What is a mom to do?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 5 tips to help your kids become healthier food eaters:

  1. Start young. The younger your children are, the easier it will be to teach them to enjoy and love real food. Start as soon as you can!
  2. Be consistent. Always put something green or healthy on their plate. Green things are good, and if your kiddo gets used to something green being on his/her plate, he/she will start expecting it and eating it.
  3. Be excited! Show some enthusiasm when you serve and eat something healthy. Get them excited about eating those apples or cucumbers. Your kids will want to see what the big deal is!
  4. Switch it up! Give them variety. No one likes having boring food and having it over and over again. Feed them food that has flavor, not just lightly salted broccoli. Show your children that food can be fun. Consider even cutting the veggies or fruit into their favorite shapes or characters!
  5. Give them their vitamins! This one might be the easiest way to get your children to be healthy eaters. Wellvites makes the healthiest vitamin on the market, and they taste like dessert!

Getting your kiddos to eat healthier may be a challenge at first, but if you stick with it and follow the tips above, your chances are pretty good.

Good Luck, and Happy Healthy Eating!