Our Story

Our family story

We just had our second child, Danielle, and as responsible parents, we want to give our children the best. There are so many things that we can’t control, from little injuries to small hearts breaking. However, we can control the quality of nutrition we give our kids, and getting them to take daily vitamins was a no-brainer. We will do anything to make sure our little ones are healthy and it is our responsibility to do so.

So we bought jars of gorgeous vitamin gummies that our kids loved to eat. We thought we were helping them and doing them well but then took a look at the back of the bottles and saw that alongside the healthy vitamins, each gummy packed more sugar than an average jelly bean. We were shocked to see that the gummy vitamins on the market contain very large quantities of sugar, most of the gummies contain as much as 75% sugar. That’s enough sugar on a daily basis to cause real harm. We were actively reducing our children’s health instead of increasing it! And giving them bad eating habits that would not serve them well later in life.

We looked everywhere for vitamin gummies with no sugar & no artificial sweeteners (which are even worse for kids), but couldn’t find any.

So we did what we could as concerned parents: We set out to create great tasting, healthy vitamin gummies with no sugar & no artificial sweeteners.

After 3 years of development with top food and nutrition experts, we created something which we are extremely proud of. Wellvites – Gummies that our children love, tastes amazing, contain no sugar and no artificial sweeteners so that we can feel great about giving them, and we know is really helping our kids thrive and be healthy.

Don’t Cause Harm, Make Well!

- The proud parents of Maya & Danielle