The Sugar Problem in America

The Sugar Problem in America

As concerned parents, we started reading more and more about the sugar problem in the US and were absolutely shocked to find out that over a quarter of children (aged 6 to 19 years) in the US suffer from obesity.

According to the American heart association, it is recommended for parents to make sure their children (between 2 and 18) do not eat more than 6 teaspoons of added sugar per day, but in fact, the average child in the US consumes 19 teaspoons of sugar per day, namely today kids eat more than three times the amount of sugar they should be eating.

Furthermore, they will suffer even more later on in life, the statistics show that the US is one of the countries with the highest death rates in the world due to sugar related issues, over 29 Million Americans have diabetes and 86 million have prediabetes, that is almost 40% of the US population with a sugar health issue.

We just couldn’t sit back and let our kids follow this path.

We are extremely proud that we have created a healthier product to help our own kids but also to make it available to all children in America to create a healthier and better future.

The average gummy bear bottle available in the US contain approximately 70 teaspoons of sugar. Ours contain Zero Sugar.