How Long Has it Been? What Day is it? Is This Real Life?

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These may be some thoughts you have been having recently due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the crazy life we have been living. Most of us are staying at home, and perhaps going a little stir-crazy with our little ones. We are feeling stressed, and our kiddos sometimes feel our stress. So, it is important to try and make life as much fun for them as possible right now, for all of our sakes.

Here are some things we can do to make life better for all of us during this crazy time. 

  • Make a schedule. Kids like structure. Even though it may be easier to let them run wild, it really is helpful for them to have set times for watching TV, playing outside, creative time, and school work. It makes the day go by smoother, and sometimes faster. Which we all need. Badly. 
  • Go outside. Even if it’s just for a little walk, children need activities to get their energy out. I’m sure you’ve noticed the days you get out and move are better than the days you don’t. Fresh air and movement keep the whole family healthy. Riding bikes, running, and swimming are just a few ideas to get their bodies moving!
  • Get crafty! Let the kids cut, glue, paint, and glitter! Let them make crafts that you can hang on the refrigerator or hang on the walls. It keeps them busy, gets their creative juices flowing, and it’s fun! You don’t have to be an artist yourself; just buy some supplies and let the kids go crazy! You can also look up some cute ideas on the internet.
  • Let your kids help you around the house. Now, I know this one can be challenging, as kids sometimes make things even more messy when they are trying to help. However, cleaning and cooking and organizing are important life skills. It is also important during this pandemic to stay clean, and it’s good for them to have all the tools they need to stay healthy. We love to invite you to browse around our website and enjoy our healthy receipts that are fun and easy to prepare and enjoy with your kiddos. 
  • Speaking of health, try and teach your children the importance of staying healthy by eating their veggies and having a well-balanced meal. It is very easy to throw some chips and other not so healthy snacks at your kids. One great way to ensure their health, is for them to take a daily vitamin that gives them their daily nutrients, like Wellvites. Wellvites is an all-natural and sugar-free gummy vitamin full of the healthy, good stuff that your children will love to eat, and you’ll be glad for one less thing to worry about during this COVID-19 outbreak. 

These are just some suggestions for you as parents to help your kids and yourselves while you are trying to prevent the spread of COVID-19. These are unprecedented times, and we are all learning together. Communicate with your children and help them try to understand their part in all of this. We are all helping the world stay healthy together by staying at home. Stay safe and stay sane!