Ways to Boost Children’s Immune Systems

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It might be the actual worst thing in the world when your children are sick. It breaks your heart when you can’t help them- not to mention how hard it is to care for them. Keeping your kid’s immune systems strong will help them fight off colds and germs that want to otherwise wreak havoc in your home. 

Check out these ways to help keep your child’s immune system in tip-top

  • Drink more water! Water is the natural miracle drink. Water cleans and helps your body restore and keeps it working at its best. If your kids don’t drink a lot of water, start introducing more water now. Keep hydrated to keep healthy. 
  • Exercise! Exercise keeps your body healthy and strong. Make sure you get your kids active and moving several times a week. When their bodies are strong, they are better able to fight off those pesky germs. 
  • Get enough sleep. Kids need more sleep than adults do. Give them a nice and early bedtime that gets them a good night’s sleep. Kid’s bodies repair and grow while they sleep. Make sure they get enough of it!
  • Eat a good diet. It’s no surprise that what goes into your children’s bodies can help keep their immune system strong. Give your children healthy foods to eat: protein, veggies, and fruit to name a few.
  • Take a daily vitamin! Give your children a daily Wellvites vitamin to help their bodies get the vitamins that their diets may have missed. This will keep their bodies filled with the right nutrients, without the sugar, giving them a fighting chance against those colds and flus.

It’s a germy world out there, mamas. Let’s keep our kids safe.