wellvites kids multi vitamin,  Mixed Berries and Grape, 60 gummies, 2 a day, Monthly Supply.
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WellVites Kids' Multivitamins Complete Sugar Free Gummies

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Wellvites Kid's MultiVitamin - Mixed Berries and Grape - 60 gummies, 2 a day, Monthly Supply.

Wellvites Sugar Free, Sugar Alcohol Free, Vegan Multivitamin Complete has been specially formulated into a soft and chewy high fiber treat, making vitamins fun and easy for children without all the negative effects of sugar and sweeteners, and it taste Delicious. Multivitamins contribute to the normal function of children’s immune systems and the normal function of many other systems in the body contributing to general wellbeing. Each Wellvites MultiVitamin Complete contains 12 Essential Vitamins & Minerals : Vitamin A, D, B6, B12 and C contribute to the normal function of the immune system, Iodine contributes to the normal growth of children. Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Niacin, B12 and B6 contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism.*

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