How sugar is destroying your kid's health

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Once you start giving your children sugar, it’s kind of hard to go back. They love it, and you love seeing how happy it makes them. You also may have discovered how easy it is to give them something sweet to make them be quiet at the restaurant. 

What you may not realize is that sugar is very damaging to your child’s health, especially as they grow. So, while it may be easy and fun to hand your child a lollipop, it isn’t the best idea for your child.

Here are some reasons why sugar is detrimental to your child’s health now and in the long run:

  1. Obesity. Sugar makes you gain weight. This affects children in numerous ways, including how they play, how they feel, and other types of illnesses. 
  2. High blood pressure. Children who eat too much sugar are more likely to have high blood pressure. 
  3. Type 2 diabetes. Eating too much sugar can cause children to develop type 2 diabetes, which will affect their daily lives. 
  4. Risk for heart disease. All of these things together put your children at risk for heart disease later in life, as young adults. 

If you find it hard to get rid of the sweets completely, WellVites is here to help! Wellvites is a daily vitamin for your children, and while it tastes sweet, it has no sugar or sugar supplements. Your children will think they’re getting something sweet, when in reality, they’re getting a dose of their daily vitamins to keep them healthy!

In order to keep sugar related side effects at bay, try and reduce the amount of sugar in your children’s lives. It may be a challenge, but it will definitely be worth it to keep them happy and healthy!