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Nutrition that helps spark your Hair, Skin & Nails

The quest for beautiful skin, hair, and nails is a lot like the quest for the fountain of youth; people have been looking for centuries to discover what we can do to maintain our skin, hair, and nail’s youthful glow. And as parents, we need whatever shortcut you can offer us to get it all done quickly, with minimal effort. We’re busy chasing kids around- we don’t have time to mess around.  It turns out our bodies are complex machines that need fuel to work properly. Our fuel comes from our diet. If we feed our bodies the wrong fuel, our “engines” aka, our bodies, don’t run correctly. We get sick, our skin gets wrinkly, our bodies get heavier, and...

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How sugar is destroying your kid's health

  Once you start giving your children sugar, it’s kind of hard to go back. They love it, and you love seeing how happy it makes them. You also may have discovered how easy it is to give them something sweet to make them be quiet at the restaurant.  What you may not realize is that sugar is very damaging to your child’s health, especially as they grow. So, while it may be easy and fun to hand your child a lollipop, it isn’t the best idea for your child. Here are some reasons why sugar is detrimental to your child’s health now and in the long run: Obesity. Sugar makes you gain weight. This affects children in numerous ways,...

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